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How I Learned to Love Smoothies + 7 Breakfast Smoothie Recipes to Try

Growing up I was never a fan of smoothies. I always preferred milkshakes as a frozen drink, and the idea of drinking my breakfast was very unappealing to me. After watching tons of Healthy eating and What I Eat in A Day videos on YouTube, I decided that I was going to try to change my opinion of smoothies once and for all and incorporate a new quick and healthy breakfast option in my diet. So I ordered a NutriBullet online, and two weeks later I started my smoothie journey. 

Here's what I learned when I tried a different smoothie for breakfast every single day for a week + Check out my favorite recipes with my 7 Day Smoothie Challenge at the end of this post!

Day 1 - Green Smoothie Attempt #1

On the first day of this smoothie challenge I decided I was going to make a classic Green Smoothie and it was the only fail of the challenge in my opinion. All I used were frozen mangos, frozen spinach, oat milk and ice cubes for this attempt. I didn't use any spices or add-ins, and the ratios of every ingredient weren't quite right for me. The shake was too thick to actually drink, it wasn't sweet enough for me, and I could really taste the spinach in this. The excitement I had about this challenge quickly faded and shifted to motivation as I became determined to find at least one smoothie that I enjoyed. 

Day 2 - Orange Creamsicle

On this day I wanted to try a healthy spin on my dads favorite desert, the orange creamsicle. This one came out a lot better than the first one, and I finally started to see the appeal of smoothies. I used oranges, bananas, and oat milk this time and while it was a significant improvement from the last smoothie I made, I still felt like it was missing something...

Day 3 - Matcha Banana
After I quick drinking coffee at the end of my junior year of college, I started really incorporating teas into my morning routine and I fell in love with matcha as a source of caffeine. To make this smoothie I used a packet of matcha, a frozen banana, oat milk, and maple syrup. The combination came out the perfect consistency and the flavor was really on point. I couldn't really taste the matcha, and the taste of the frozen banana was a little overpowering in this one but this was the first day that I got really excited about making smoothies again. I realized that this process, like tons of others, is trial and error. You have to figure out what works for you and make adjustments as needed. Just because something if right for one person, doesn't necessarily mean it is right for you.

Day 4 - Banana Milkshake

This was the day that I truly made the BEST smoothie of the week. I used a frozen banana, maple almond butter, vanilla extract, oat milk, and cinnamon for this one, and I am telling you I thought I was drinking a milkshake. I had already figured out the right consistency for me by day 3, and by day 4 I figured out my go-to smoothie. After I made this smoothie I officially realized that I love smoothies.

Day 5 - Pina Colada
This day I decided to experiment with some "tangier" flavors in hopes that I could expand my pallet beyond my favorites. As someone that has never liked the taste of pineapple I was definitely pushing the limits of my smoothie challenge. So it's no surprise that this day was a fail for me. As someone that has never really liked pineapple, the flavor wasn't quite for me but when I asked my parents to try they said they both really liked it. I realized that its okay to not like all types of smoothies, and that I don't have to force myself to enjoy something I do not like!

Day 1 - Green Smoothie Attempt # 2

I didn't have any smoothies over the weekend because I tend to eat a bigger breakfast on those days, but the Monday after I started this smoothie challenge I decided I was going to re-attempt the green smoothie. I had heard that it was possible to make smoothies where you can't taste the spinach so I was determined to try. I used a frozen banana, FRESH spinach, oat-milk, vanilla, almond butter, and cinnamon, and I was blown out of the water. I could not believe how good this smoothie was with an entire handful of greens in it. It still tasted sweet and delicious and I knew I had just found myself another go-to smoothie.

What I learned
After this challenge I learned to love smoothies as a breakfast option because of how easy they were to make, how GREAT they tasted, and how portable they were to drink on-the-go. Funny enough, this challenge also taught me a bit about finding what works for you and not forcing yourself to enjoy things you dont like. Which is pretty applicable to life in general if you think about it. Who would have thought that smoothies could have such a deep life lesson...

Thanks for reading! If you liked this post, download my FREE 7-Day Smoothie Health Challenge and comment or message me @sabrinanjordan on Instagram or Pinterest to tell me how it went for you!

Until next time!

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