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70 Things to do During Quarantine

For those of us fortunate enough to work or go to school from home, taking care of our boredom and finding things to do with our free time in quarantine can be such a huge part of wellness. As the end of the semester nears, I'm preparing for even more free time than before, so if you're like me and looking for things to do, here's a list I made of 70 at-home friendly things to do during quarantine.


1. Organize something - Kitchen, Basement, Cabinets, etc.
2. Rearrange your room
3. Wash your car
4. Wash your pet
5. Digitize old photos with Photoscan

6. Workout
7. Learn a Tik Tok dance
8. Create a Tik Tok dance
9. Go for a walk
10. Do some yoga

Self Care

11. Do a face mask
12. Meditate
13. Take a bath
14. Paint your nails
15. Journal
16. Have a spa day
17. Give yourself a massage
. .
Take up a new Hobby
18. Start a blog
19. Start a YouTube channel
20. Write a poem/song
21. Learn about photography
22. Draw/paint something
23. Write a story
24. Document your time in quarantine
25. Become a DJ and remix a song
26. Start a Bullet Journal
27. Garden
28. Become a Baker
29. Experiment with a new meal
30. Learn how to Knit 
31. Become a DIY'er/Crafter
32. Learn an instrument
33. Learn Calligraphy 
34. Learn origami

Professional/Personal Development
35. Do an online training
36. Learn how to code 
37. Learn a language
38. Create a budget
39. Research a career field your interested in
40. Do an informational interview with an expert in something you’re interested in
41. Take a class on edx
42. Create/Update your resume and/or linked in

Help Your Community
43. Donate Old Clothes
44. Foster an animal 
45. Donate what you can to your local food pantry

46. Play games online 
47. Video call your friends
48. Organize all the files in your computer
49. Delete old photos on your phone
50. Organize your email

For Fun
51. Learn all of the lyrics to your favorite song
52. Watch a new TV show
53. Create a playlist
54. Experiment with Makeup
55. Have a photoshoot
56. Read a book
57. Play board games
58. Download Co-Star and learn about astrology
59. Go to a virtual museum
60. Try some cool experiments 
61. Create a Goodreads book list
62. Take buzzfeed quizzes
63. Watch the Sunrise
64. Start a puzzle
65. Finish a crossword puzzle
66. Listen to a podcast
67. Have a quarantine dance party
68. Get all dressed up to do household chores
69. Start a movie marathon
70. Go on a virtual ride

If you have more ideas for things to do during quarantine, let me know in the comments or dm me on instagram: @sabrinanjordan.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may earn a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase a qualifying item from some of the above links.


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