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7 Opportunities for People Interested in Teaching

Figuring out what you want to do in the future can be really difficult. It took me a long time to realize that the best way to find out what you want to do is to try a bunch of different things. Here are some things I tried to see if I was interested in teaching.

1. Tutoring
A great option to get started working with kids and trying your hand at a teaching skill is through tutoring. I worked at my local Kumon Learning Center during high school and it allowed me to work with kids in an academic setting. My favorite part about this job was when I could help answer student questions and see the lightbulb moment when a student finally understood a problem.

2. Summer Camp
Working at a summer camp is another good way to get the mentorship experience with kids that is so important when it comes to teaching. I have friends that worked at the YMCA, Theater companies, and Community Gardens where summer programs were being held. They said their favorite part was getting to teach kids about something they love and share in their summer excitement.
3. After School Program
There are a lot of after-school programs put on either by schools themselves or by community organizations. I found a program in my community put on by the local Youth Empowerment Services where I volunteered to help students with their homework, read with them, and play enrichment games with them. It gave me the opportunity to interact with students and begin to see if teaching was for me.
4. Day Care/Babysitting
If you’re interested in working with really young kids, working at a Daycare or as a Babysitter can help give you experience working with that age group. Lots of community centers have daycares, and websites like can help you find baby-sitting jobs for people in your community.
5. Teaching Fellowship
A teaching fellowship is often a structured internship program where you can actually teach in a classroom with students and really get a feel for what it would be like as a teacher. Some common fellowships include: Breakthrough Collaborative, Uncommon Schools, Generation Teach, and more. Last summer I was a Teaching Fellow in San Francisco, and by the end of the summer I knew I wanted to be a teacher.
6. Mentorship Programs
Another good opportunity for those interested in teaching is a mentorship program. In college you can find a lot of peer mentorship programs depending on your major, club experience, etc. Outside of college you can also be a mentor to high school students and younger kids as well. I am a high school mentor and I have learned so much about not just the importance of communicating with students, but connecting with them as well. This type of program really taught me that students have a much better time learning when they are learning from someone they have a connection with.
7. Tour Guide
Last but not least, this one may seem a little random, but the communication skills you learn from being a tour guide are so transferable to teaching. I was a tour guide at my University, and I felt my public speaking skills increase ten-fold because of it, which was super important for me because teachers are in front of students all day.
Lots of places like museums, theaters, schools, and science centers run programs throughout the year or the summers that work with kids. You may be giving tours of a space or doing interactive activities, but it’s a great way to really start teaching an audience about something you’re interested in.



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