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15 Amazon Products to Help You Get Through Quarantine

I have admittedly made a few purchases over the past few months that I maybe shouldn't have... Some purchases were well thought out and some not so much, but through all of my spending, some of these products have truly become my favorite products to use through quarantine. So here's a look at some of the best Amazon products i've found for making the most of my time at home.
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How I Learned to Love Smoothies + 7 Breakfast Smoothie Recipes to Try

Growing up I was never a fan of smoothies. I always preferred milkshakes as a frozen drink, and the idea of drinking my breakfast was very unappealing to me. After watching tons of Healthy eating and What I Eat in A Day videos on YouTube, I decided that I was going to try to change my opinion of smoothies once and for all and incorporate a new quick and healthy breakfast option in my diet. So I ordered a NutriBullet  online, and two weeks later I started my smoothie journey. 

How I Actually Stay Productive Working/Going to School from Home During Quarantine

I've been watching so many videos and reading a ton of articles lately on how to be productive at home, usually from people that already work from home to begin with. While I think there are great tips in these articles, I will say that I've tried a bunch out, and as someone that does not regularly work from home, it has been a pretty difficult adjustment for me. So after 6 weeks of working and going to school from home, I wrote down a list of things that have actually helped me get things done in quarantine.

70 Things to do During Quarantine

For those of us fortunate enough to work or go to school from home, taking care of our boredom and finding things to do with our free time in quarantine can be such a huge part of wellness. As the end of the semester nears, I'm preparing for even more free time than before, so if you're like me and looking for things to do, here's a list I made of 70 at-home friendly things to do during quarantine.

10 of the Best Plant-based/Vegan Alternatives

After transitioning to a plant based diet, my family decided to go on a hunt for our favorite vegan alternatives. Like with anything vegan, we had to test out a lot of different things until we found which ones we liked the best. So if you're trying to go plant-based or want to cut more dairy or meat from your diet, here are 10 of my favorite Plant-based/Vegan Alternatives.

My Journey to Teaching

For anyone that is interested in teaching as a career or has thought about it but has never really given it a chance, today I’m writing about my rollercoaster of a journey to teaching and how I made one of the best decisions ever by choosing to become a teacher.

My Favorite Vegan Snacks

This is my family's actual snack cabinet, and between the four of us it can get pretty packed. Welcome to a new series, where I am going to talk about all of my favorite vegan foods, starting with my favorite... snacks!